Product & Prices

Action and transport with our Dahl 36 Rib /800hp.
We offer all kind of missions.
-Need transport, action or both?


Roundtrip to Lofoten:
Departure Nordskot Brygge, Steigen. First stage goes to Henningsvær where we spend about one hour. (coffee/lunsj etc.)
Then we continue our trip to Svolvær via Kabelvåg. In Svolvær we spend about  one hour. (food, shopping or other activeties).
From Svolvær a short trip to Skrova to take a look at this small fishing island from the seaside. Then we cross the Vestfjort heading for Flatøy fyr and back to Nordskot, Steigen.
Total time about 5 hours.
Trip can also be done oposite way with first stop Skrova/Svolvær
Price Nok 1.990,- each person if min. 10 persons. (Food/drinks/activeties in Lofoten are paid indivudually)


Pick-up in Bodø for transport to Nordskot/Helnessund/Holkestad/Røssøy
Great combination of transport and action.  Spectalular trip and good chances to see eagles on our way.
Price Nok 16.000,- for up to 12 pers.


1,5 hour roundtrip in Steigen area
Nice short trip. We take a look at Grøtøy, Manshausen, Naustholmen, Måløy, Engelvær og Flatøy. Trip can be adjusted for maximum action driving or plesant transport-speed for maximum comfort
Price each person Nok 990,- (minimum 10 persons needed)


Trip to Saltstraumen incl. stop in Bodø
Saltstraumen is a fantastiv experience. We recommend this trip at maximum current and preferably around fullmoon or new moon (this occurs two timese each month, means 24 times a year. In this conditions you will have a thrill of your life.
On our way to Saltstraumen we make a stop in Bodø for a small break or some food.
Our stop in Bodø means groups can book Saltstraumen trip by departure Bodø for action with Norway’s most extreme Rib-Charter boat.
Price Nok 2.500,- each person.  (min. 10 pers.)
(This trip can be extended with stop in Kjerringøy. (Look around or visit the old museum area «Kjerringøy gamle handelsted»)

Transport Nordskot – Svolvær or Henningsvær
Crossing the Vestfjord is a great experience. It might be a plesent ride og a rough ride depending on weather conditions. The mighty Vestfjord is one of the toughest ocean areas of Norway in bad weather. Distance from Nordskot is 46 km.
The Vestfjord is one of many reasons why we use the spesial boat we do where all passengers sit safely in respective fully damped Ullman seats.
Price Nok 12000,- for up to 12 pers.


We also offer boat-trip for up to 12 people to your requested destination/route.
Price Nok 7.000,- each hour or Nok 220,- pr. nautic mile from leaving home harbour in Nordskot, Steigen and until back home again.
Contact us for fixed price on your requested journey.


Book your own expedition wherever you want.
-Plan your own destination, activities and route. Great offer for adventure-seeking company-guests or private groups.
Contact us for tips regarding destinations and what to do.